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Tie Wire

What Is Tie Wire?

Tying wire or tie wire is a strong yet pliable black annealed 16 gauge 1.6mm steel wire extensively used in construction for fixing steel reinforcing bars and mesh securely together in preparation for the concrete to be poured. Tying wire is also used to attach concrete and wire spacers.

How much Tying Wire do I need? Dependant upon the diameter of the reinforcement being fixed.

  • 1 tonne of 8mm reinforcement bar needs approx. 12kg of wire.
  • 1 tonne of 32mm reinforcement bar needs approx. 7kg of wire.
  • Therefore approximately 9 to 13kg of wire (one coil) is required per 1 tonne of reinforcement bar.
  • Supplied in coils, each coil weighs approx. 13.5kg easily carried onsite.


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